This article describes how to configure the DHCP server on an XS-51xx series switch.



Setting up DHCP for a network:

1) Connect to the web interface of the switch and navigate to the menu Routing → DHCP Server → Global.

2) Under Admin mode, select the option Enable to activate the DHCP server and then click Submit.

3) Switch to the menu Routing → DHCP Server → Pool Summary and click Add to create a DHCP pool.

4) Modify the following parameters and then click Submit:

By default, the DNS server on an XS-51xx series switch is enabled. It sends DNS requests to its gateway (next hop address).

5) Click on Save Configuration in the top right corner to save the configuration as the start configuration.

The start configuration is retained even if the device is restarted or there is a power failure.

6) This concludes the configuration of DHCP on the switch.

Further steps/troubleshooting:

You can view the IP addresses assigned by the DHCP server to individual devices in the menu Routing → DHCP Server → Bindings.