This document describes which configuration settings need to be made on a LANCOM device in order to use the monitoring and notification function when operating with a LANCOM Battery Pack.

  • LANCOM router or LANCOM access point with firmware version 9.20 (download latest version)
  • LANtools as of version 9.20 (download latest version)


1) Connect the LANCOM router or LANCOM access point to the LANCOM Battery Pack.

Ensure that you connect the LANCOM device to the Battery Pack by means of the serial connection cable supplied with the Battery Pack. (Also see the description in the Quick Reference Guide for the Battery Pack).

2) Open the configuration for the LANCOM device in LANconfig and switch to the menu item Log & trace -> General -> Battery pack.

3) Enable the Monitor battery pack option. By default, notifications about events are sent via e-mail, SNMP, and syslog.
  • Notification by e-mail only works if you previously make the required settings in the menu Log & trace -> SMTP account.
  • If you wish to customize the notifications, you can do this by using the Notifications button.

4) Go to the menu COM ports -> Devices -> Device mode and add a new entry to the list:
  • Set the Device type to Outband
  • Set the Device mode to UPS.

5) Now write the configuration back to the LANCOM device.

6) Now when you open the LANCOM device in LANmonitor, you can view the current operating parameters of the LANCOM Battery Pack.