If a 1 GBit SFP module is connected to the port eth6 on a UF-360 (SFP+), no connectivity is possible. In conjunction with the port eth7, a 1 GBit SFP module works without any problems. In order for a 1 GBit SFP module to also work with eth6, a BIOS update has to be uploaded to the Unified Firewall. The BIOS update is included in LCOS FX 10.7 RU2, but is has to be activated manually.

This article describes how the BIOS update for the port eth6 can be activated on a UF-360.



1) Connect to the Unified Firewall via the CLI and enter the command sudo -i to gain administrative rights. Acknowledge the prompt by entering the password of the user gpadmin.

2) Enter the command update_firmware -b to update the BIOS.

During the update process the Unified Firewall must not be disconnected from power or be restarted. Otherwise this could lead to the device not functioning properly afterwards! 

3) After the successful BIOS update a corresponding message is displayed. The Unified Firewall will automatically reboot afterwards.