This article describes which ports are used in an ePaper scenario. This information is necessary, if these ports have to be opened in a firewall. 

The following ports are used: 

  • Communication between ePaper server and the ePaper Access Point only takes place via the TCP ports 7353 or 7354 (if TLS is used).
  • For accessing the management interface of the ePaper server via a computer the TCP ports 8000 and 8001 are used. 
  • When ePaper management is invoked via LANconfig a web server is started on TCP port 10580 and forwards information to the web browser.
  • You can modify the TCP port 8000 by invoking the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server with the parameter --port x (x represents the desired port number). The API can be reached on port x+1 instead 8001 afterwards.
  • As an alternative you can also enter the desired port number in the attached file defaults.config and saving it in the installation path of the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server in the folder Config. The Windows service which is set up during the installation also uses the port entered in the configuration file.