This document shows you how you can mount a LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall UF-910 on the rail system shipped with it so that the entire assembly can be installed in a 19” rack.

What do I need to mount the rails on the device?

You need the following for each side of the device:

  • A rail system consisting of the inner rail and outer rail
  • Two mounting rails for fixing the assembly into the 19” rack (metal rails with a long slot and mounting bracket on one side)
  • 5 short flat-head screws of size M4x4
  • 2 nuts of size M4

All of the required materials are included in the scope of delivery of the device.

The following work steps explain the assembly of the rail system on one side of the device. Mounting of the rail on the other side of the device is the same, i.e. mirrors this procedure.

Step 1: Remove the inner rail from the rail system

First, the inner rail must be separated from the outer rail in order to fix the inner rail to the housing of the UF-910 (see step 2).

1) Pull the rail system apart so that the narrower inner rail with its metal retaining tab is exposed and snaps into place at the end of the inner rail.

2) Use one finger of the left hand to press the metal retaining tab down.

3) Now you can use your right hand to carefully slide the outer rail all the way to the right.

4) The figure below shows the inner and outer rail after separation.

Step 2: Attach the inner rail to the UF-910

1) Position the inner rail on one side of the UF-910 device so that the three threaded holes in the housing match-up to the three holes on the inner rail (see figure).

2) Use the three short M4x4 screws and threaded holes to fix the inner rail firmly to the UF-910 housing.

Step 3: Attach the two mounting rails to the outer rail

1) Take the two mounting rails and place them on a table top as shown in the following figure.

The mounting rails are used to fix the entire assembly into your 19” rack. The assembly is attached to the rack later with two or three screws on the front and on the back of the rack. It is therefore important that you determine the distance between the front and rear mounting rails of your 19” rack during the assembly described here.

2) First, insert the outer rail with its flat side down into the left-hand mounting rail. The black plastic clip of the outer rail must be pointing to the left (see figure).

3) Slide the lower part of the outer rail (resting on the mounting rail) back and forth until a hole becomes visible through one of the oval holes.

4) At this point, fix the outer rail and mounting rail by using a short M4x4 screw and an M4 nut.

5) Now in the same way fix the right-hand part of the outer rail to the mounting rail.

Step 4: Marry up the outer rail and inner rail

At this stage you have to decide whether you connect the outer rail to the inner rail before installing the device in the 19” rack and install the full assembly into the rack, or ...

... whether you first install the outer rails into the 19” rack and then slide the device with the inner rails attached into the outer rails.

Which of the steps is more advantageous depends on the construction of your 19“ rack.

1) From the rear of the device, now slide the outer- and mounting-rail assembly over the inner rail.

2) The outer rail initially snaps into place on the metal retaining tab.

3) By pressing the metal retaining tab down, can you push the outer and inner rails fully together.