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This article describes how to set up the routing on a switch of the XS-51xx series.

The Management VLAN stored in the menu System → Connectivity → IPv4 cannot be used for routing.


  • Switch of the XS-51xx series
  • LCOS SX as of version 5.00 RU2 (download latest version)
  • VLANs that have already been set up and working
  • Any web browser for access to the web interface


Setting up routing on the switch:

1) Connect to the web interface of the switch and navigate to the menu Routing → IP → Configuration.

2) Set the Routing mode to the option Enable and then click Submit to apply the change.

3) Change to the menu Routing → IP → Configuration.

4) Modify the following parameters and then click Submit:

  • Type: Select the option VLAN.
  • VLAN: From the drop-down menu, select the VLAN to be used for routing.
  • Routing Mode: The routing for the interface can be activated or deactivated here. Choose the option Enable.
  • Admin Mode: The routing for the VLAN can be globally activated or deactivated here. Choose the option Enable.
  • IP Address Configuration Method: Choose the option Manual so that a fixed IP address can be assigned. This is necessary for the routing to work.
  • IP address: Enter an IP address that the switch should use on the VLAN. The switch will be addressed under this IP address.
  • Subnet mask: Enter the subnet mask for the related network.

5) Switch to the menu Routing → Router → Configured Routes and click Add to create a default route.

6) Modify the following parameters and then click Submit:

  • Route Type: Select the option Default.
  • Next Hop Address: Enter the IP address of the next router, which will forward all inquiries to networks that are unknown to the switch. 

7) Click on Save Configuration in the top right corner to save the configuration as the start configuration.

The start configuration is retained even if the device is restarted or there is a power failure.

8) This concludes the configuration of the routing on the switch.

Checking the settings / troubleshooting:

1) The menu Routing → IP → Interface Summary lists the IP addresses assigned to the VLAN interfaces.

The status of the VLAN interface must be Up.

2) The routing table of the device is displayed in the menu Routing → Router → Route Table.

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