This article describes which configuration item has to be checked on an ePaper access point with LCOS as of version 10.40, when the error message Network-Status: Outbound-Rejected is displayed on the CLI and in WEBconfig. Thus the ePaper server cannot establish a connection to the ePaper access point.

Error message on the CLI:

Status/Wireless-ePaper/ on L-151E Wireless and LN-830E Wireless

Status/IoT/Wireless-ePaper/ on LN-1700UE and future ePaper Access Points

Error message in the status table in WEBconfig:

Extras → LCOS Menu Tree → Status → Wireless-ePaper on L-151E Wireless and LN-830E Wireless

Extras → LCOS-Menu Tree → Status → IoT → Wireless-ePaper on LN-1700UE and future ePaper Access Points



1) Open the configuraton of the affected ePaper access point in LANconfig, go to the menu IoT → Wireless ePaper and check, if the IP address of the ePaper server has been entered in the field Address. In this example this is the case. 

2) If the IP address of the ePaper server has been entered in the field Address it has to be deleted, so that the field is empty.

If the IP address of the ePaper server is entered in the field Address, the operating mode of the access point is changed from Inbound (ePaper server sends requests to the access point) to Outbound (the access point sends requests to the ePaper server). Therefore the access point doesn't listen to incoming packets on port 7353 anymore but sends packets on port 7454.