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Why can't an IKEv1 connection with XAUTH be selected in a VPN group?

Since XAUTH is a user authentication, corresponding connections are not created as VPN objects but as VPN users.

Is it possible for multiple administrators to access the Unified Firewall at the same time?

No, this is not possible. As of LCOS FX 10.5 multiple administrators can log on simultaneously.

Up to and including LCOS FX 10.4 the first administrator logged on is automatically logged off if another administrator logs on. It does not matter whether the same administrator account or different accounts are used.

As of LCOS FX 10.5 multiple administrators can log on simultaneously to the Unified Firewall. Only the first administrator has write access though, the other administrators only have read access. If the first administrator logs off, the write access is passed on to the next administrator.

Which IP addresses are assigned to a Unified Firewall in factory settings?

The interfaces are configured as follows by default:






ethX: 192.168.X.254/24

The DHCP server of the Unified Firewall is inactive by default. Therefore you have to assign a static IP address from a corresponding network to your end device.

Is it possible to transfer the configuration between different Unified Firewall models?

The configuration can be transfered to another model if the number of Ethernet interfaces in the new unified Firewall is the same or higher as in the old one.