High levels of broadcast or multicast traffic on a network can result in lower network performance and even network congestion. The function Storm Control allows the throughput of broadcast, multicast and unicast packets to be limited. In most cases only broadcast and multicast packets are limited.

This article describes how the throughput of broadcast and multicast packets can be limited on a GS-23xx series switch via the function Storm Control.


  • GS-23xx series switch
  • LCOS SX as of version 3.32 Rel (download latest version)
  • Knowledge about the usual broadcast and multicast traffic in the network by observing and analysing the traffic (e.g. via SNMP)
  • Any web browser for accessing the webinterface of the GS-23xx


1) Open the webinterface and go to the menu Configuration → QoS → Storm Control.

2) Change the following parameters and click Apply:

  • Enable: Set the checkmark under Enable if the traffic for a specific Frame Type should be limited.
  • Rate (pps): Enter a value for the number of packets per second (pps = packets per second) the throughput should be limited to.

The letter K under rate (pps) represents the number 1000. Therefore 4K represents the number 4000.

3) Go to the menu Maintenance → Save/Restore → Save Start and click Save to save the configuration as Start Configuration.

After restarting the switch, the start configuration is always loaded. If none is available, the default configuration will be loaded and the switch starts in its factory state.

4) The configuration of the device is now complete.