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This article describes which parameters are rolled out to the managed access points in a WLAN Controller scenario. 

On the one hand there are parameters configured via Overlay, which are not visible in the configuration. On the other hand there are parameters which are configured directly and are therefore visible in the configuration.

Parameters configured via Overlay (not visible in the configuration):

  • Wi-Fi settings (Wi-Fi networks, encryption and radio settings)
  • VLAN
  • ESL (ePaper)
  • iBeacon
  • LED blinking characteristics

Directly configured parameters (visible in the configuration):

  • IP address of the network INTRANET (only if a static IP address is assigned by the WLAN Controller instead of obtaining an IP address via DHCP)
  • The Interface of the network INTRANET is set to BRG-1
  • VLAN ID of the network INTRANET
  • The DHCP server of the network INTRANET is set to wird auf Client Mode (if the DHCP server is set to auf Yes or Forward queries, no changes are made)
  • The SCEP Client is activated