Calls to particular telephone numbers can be undesirable (e.g. premium rate services). Therefore outgoing calls to such numbers should be prevented. 

This article describes how outgoing calls to particular telephone numbers can be prevented by creating a call routing entry.


  • LCOS as of version 9.24 (download latest version)
  • LANtools as of version 9.24 (download latest version)
  • LANCOM router with active Voice Call Manager
  • Configured and functional telephony (SIP single line respectively SIP Trunk as well as SIP, ISDN or analogue users)


1) Open the configuration of the router in LANconfig und navigate to the menu Voice Call Manager → Call Router → Call routing.

2) Create a new call routing entry.

3) Edit the following parameters:

  • Entry active / default line: Make sure, that this option is set to Active.
  • Priority: Enter a value, which is higher than the priority of all other call routing entries. In this example the Priority has to be set to at least the value 3.
  • Called number: Enter the undesired destination number followed by the hash symbol (in this example the number 0900# is entered). The hash symbol can be used for any number of digits.
  • Destination line: In the drop-down menu select the object REJECT

4) The configuration of the call routing entry is now complete. Write the configuration back to the router.