This document describes how you can view the current version of the LANCOM Managament Cloud (LMC) and the current versions of the associated LMC services.


  • Web browser


1. Log on to the LANCOM Management Cloud.

2. Open the Information area.

3. In the upper area of the info window, you can see the current version of the LMC. The respective build number is given in brackets (here: Build 25.0.0)

4. In the Service information area, you can click on the Show information link to view a list of all LMC services and their current version.

You can also see the date on which the respective service was deployed.

If a version entry is indicated with a red exclamation mark in front of it, this indicates that the respective service has received an update deployment outside of a global deploy and which version this deployment has. The column version shows the service version of the global deploy.