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The LANCOM devices of the R-88x series (e.g. LANCOM R-883+) are limited to a maximum of three simultaneous VPN channels as standard.

This document describes how you can expand the number of simultaneous VPN connections to 5 or a maximum of 25 channels.


  • LANCOM Router of the R-88x series
  • LCOS as of version 10.20 (download)
  • Telekom Enterprise Option (sold through Deutsche Telekom)
  • LANCOM VPN 25 Option


1. Your router must first be expanded with the so-called "Enterprise Option". This option is sold exclusively by Deutsche Telekom and can only be obtained there.

After the expansion with the "Enterprise Option", the functional scope of your router changes to the following:

  • 16 ARF contexts (default: 2)
  • 5 VPN channels (default: 3)
  • BGP is activated

If you want to use a maximum of 5 VPN channels at the same time, you do not need to do anything else at this point.

2. To increase the number of VPN connections established at the same time to a maximum of 25, you must also purchase the LANCOM VPN 25 option and activate it on the device. The VPN 25 option is available from resellers or distributors or from Deutsche Telekom.

For client-to-site connections we recommend the convenient use of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client. The licenses for activating the VPN client must be purchased separately and are not part of the LANCOM VPN 25 option!