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This document describes how you can save the configuration file of a LANCOM switch of the GS-31xx series.



1) LANconfig:

1.1) Select the switch in LANconfig and right-click on it.

1.2) In the context menu, click Configuration management → Save as file.

1.3) If necessary, change the filename for the configuration file.

1.4) Then click on Save to store the configuration file in the format *.lcsfx.

2) Web interface:

2.1) Use any browser to open the web interface of the switch and login as an administrator.

2.2) Open the menu Maintenance → Configuration → Backup.

2.3) Set the file name to running-config to save the currently active device configuration and click on Download configuration.

2.4) Then click on Save to save the configuration file.

Since the file is saved without a file extension, Windows generates a file extension automatically. Although this extension may look rather cryptic, it has no effect on the function.