This document describes how you return a LANCOM R&S® Unified Firewall to its factory default settings via the webinterface.

  • LANCOM R&S® Unified Firewall with LCOS FX as of 10.4
  • Valid Basic or Full License must be active on the Unified Firewall
  • Web browser for configuring the Unified Firewall.

    The following browsers are supported:
    • Google Chrome
    • Chromium
    • Mozilla Firefox

Please note that the license for your Unified Firewall will be deleted after returning the device to its factory settings. The device is then returned to its 30-day trial period!
In order to re-license the device after resetting it, you must import the license file that you received when you first registered your device.
1) In the main menu, select System → Factory Settings.

In the unlicensed state the button Factory Settings is greyed out and it cannot be activated.

2) Confirm the information in the following dialog with Reset and Reboot.