As of LCOS version 10.0, layer-7 application detection allows you to identify bandwidth-intensive services on your network.

When a client establishes a connection over a tracked interface, layer-7 application detection begins analyzing and recording the traffic volumes.

For more information about this feature, see LANCOM reference manual.

This document contains a list of LANCOM devices that support layer-7 application detection. (as of July 2018).

    LANCOM Access Points
    LANCOM L-451
    LANCOM L-452
    LANCOM L-460
    LANCOM L-822
    LANCOM LN-830(E)
    LANCOM LN-86x-Serie
    LANCOM L-1302
    LANCOM L-1310
    LANCOM LN-170x-Serie
    LANCOM (VoIP) Router, VPN-Gateways & WLAN-Controller
    LANCOM 730VA
    LANCOM 730-4G
    LANCOM 88x VoIP-Serie
    LANCOM 1780EW-4G(+)
    LANCOM 179x-Serie
    LANCOM 1781VA(W)
    LANCOM 1781EF+
    LANCOM 1781EW+
    LANCOM 1781VA-4G
    LANCOM 1783VA(W)
    LANCOM 1783VA-4G
    LANCOM 1784VA
    LANCOM 190x-Serie
    LANCOM 7100+
    LANCOM 9100+
    LANCOM ISG-1000
    LANCOM ISG-4000
    LANCOM WLC-4006+
    LANCOM WLC-4025+
    LANCOM WLC-4100
    LANCOM WLC-1000
    LANCOM vRouter