This document describes the steps required to use TFTP to upload a firmware file or a device configuration.

Along with the option of using LANconfig or WEBconfig to load firmware or a configuration file into a device,
you can also load the corresponding files directly from a TFTP server by using Telnet or SSH. This process can simplify device administration in larger installations with regular firmware update and/or configuration.



The firmware and configuration files are stored on a TFTP server. A TFTP server is identical to an FTP server in terms of functionality, but uses a different protocol for data transmission. The files can be retrieved from the TFTP server with the following commands:
  • LoadConfig
  • LoadFirmware

These commands can be entered with the following parameters:
  • -s <Server IP address or server name>
  • -f <File path and file name>


With the following command, a firmware file named "LC-1811-7.28.0031.upx" located in the directory
'LCOS/410' on the server with the IP address '192 .168.2.200' is loaded into the device:

LoadFirmware -s -f LCOS/410/LC-1811-7.28.0031.upx

If the parameters -s and/or -f are not specified, the device uses default values set in path
  • Config address
  • Config file name
  • Firmware address
  • Firmware file name

These defaults are useful if the latest configuration and firmware versions
are always stored under the same name in the same place. In this case, simply entering the
command LoadConfig and LoadFirmware will always load the required files.