The Advanced VPN Client may not work properly after installation under macOS10.13 HighSierra and 10.14 Mojave.

This document contains information for troubleshooting.

Possible causes:

The macOS Security Center requires the installation of a filter driver for the Advanced VPN Client to be allowed.

Under certain circumstances the button that allows the installation is grayed out. The Advanced VPN Client will then not work properly.

Possible solutions:

1) Please ensure that...

  • the installation of the Advanced VPN Client is not performed by remote maintenance (e.g. via TeamViewer),
  • no mouse-gesture programs are used during the installation, and
  • the Chrome browser is not active during the installation.

2) If the Advanced VPN Client still does not install correctly, you need to temporarily disable the Security Center in macOS:

  • Open the terminal under Dock -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
  • In the terminal, enter the command sudo spctl --master-disable and confirm the entry with the enter key.
  • Confirm the command by entering your system password.
  • Following a successful installation of the Advanced VPN Client, you can reactivate the Security Center by entering the command sudo spctl --master-enable.