LANCOM access points featuring a radio module equipped with a certain 802.11ac chipset and operating WPA2 and WPA3 only support the session key type CCMP-128 (this is also stored as the default value in the WLAN controller). Selecting a different session key type stops the SSID from being broadcast on the access point.
This affects the following devices:
  • L-822acn
  • LN-830acn
  • LN-830E
  • LN-830U
  • LN-630acn
  • LN-1310acn
  • LN-1302acn
  • IAP-821
  • IAP-822
  • 1780EW-4G+
  • 1790VAW
  • 1793VAW
  • OAP-821
  • OAP-822
  • OAP-830

If the WPA2 and WPA3 session key type for all of the logical WLAN profiles is changed from the default value CCMP-128, no WLAN is broadcast.

This article describes the changes that need to be made in order for the SSID to be broadcast.

1) Changes in LANconfig:
1.1) In the configuration of the WLAN controller, navigate to WLAN controller → Profiles → Logical WLAN networks (SSIDs).
1.2) Make sure that the value for WPA2 and WPA3 session key types is set to CCMP 128.

A combined operation (such as CCMP-128/256) is not possible. The SSID will not be broadcast with this setting.

2) Changes in WEBconfig:
If the item WPA-802.1X-Security-Level has been adjusted, this change must be reversed. This is only possible in WEBconfig and from the CLI.
2.1) Connect to the WLAN controller web interface with administrator rights.
2.2) Navigate to the path LCOS menu tree → Setup → WLAN management → AP configuration → Network profiles.
2.3) Switch to the appropriate logical WLAN profile and make sure that the item WPA-802.1X-Security-Level is set to the value Standard.