When you try to set up a myVPN connection via the Internet (WAN), the following message is displayed after entering the PIN: "The requested myVPN remote station could not be reached".

Possible causes:

1) Your network administrator has configured the LANCOM router so that the retrieval of myVPN configuration profiles over the Internet is prevented. Please contact your network administrator in this case.

2) When configuring a myVPN connection over the Internet (WAN), entering the PIN number prompts the myVPN app to request a configuration profile from the LANCOM router by means of the HTTPS protocol (port 443).

If the LANCOM router redirects HTTPS port 443 to a different station by means of port forwarding, or if the SSL port (443) for the LANCOM router has been changed, then the request for the myVPN configuration profile over the WAN will fail.

  • Option 1:
    Disable any port forwarding configured on the LANCOM router (menu IP router -> Masquerading -> Port forwarding). You can temporarily disable the port forwarding while the myVPN connection is being set up. It can be enabled again after the installation.
  • Option 2:
    Change the SSL port of LANCOM router to the default value (443). This is changed in the WEBconfig menu LCOS menu tree -> Setup -> HTTP -> SSL port. This change can be made temporarily. Once the myVPN connection has been set up, the SSL port can be reset to the required value.