This article describes how to configure an internal wireless network using the Setup Wizard (express configuration).

The way to manually setup a guest network with its own SSID is described in the following article: Dokumentlinksymbol

  • The device is not managed by a WLAN controller or the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • The basic configuration (IP address and password) is in place


1) Select the device in LANconfig, right-click and, in the context menu, select Setup Wizard.

2) Select Configure WLAN and click Next.

3) Choose Express configures the WLAN in a few steps and click Next.

    For access points with two WLAN modules, this setting configures both of the WLAN modules, which both broadcast the SSID.

4) Enter the following information:
    • WLAN country: Use the drop-down menu to select the country where the device is to be operated.
    • Network name (SSID): Set the name of the WLAN that the guest WLAN users can connect to.
    • WPA2 passphrase: Enter the WPA key required to authenticate with the WLAN.

    The WPA2 passphrase must be at least 8 and no more than 63 characters long.

5) With a click on Finish the configuration is written to the device.

    If necessary, you can inspect the individual parameters by clicking on Summary of settings .