This document describes how to save the configuration file of a LANCOM Switch in the file format *.xml.

  • LCOS as of version 9 (download)
  • LANtools as of version 9 (download)


1. LANconfig:

1.1. In LANconfig, right-click on the device whose configuration you want to save.

1.2. In the context menu Configuration Management, select the menu item Save as File.

1.3. If necessary, assign a different name for the configuration file in the File name field.

1.4. Then click Save to save the configuration file in the file format *.xml.

2. Web configuration interface:

2.1. Open the configuration interface of the switch in a browser and log in with administrative user data.

2.2. Switch to the Maintenance -> Export/Import -> Export Config menu.

2.3. In the section Config Encryption you can optionally enter a password. The exported configuration can thus only be opened after entering the specified password.

2.4. Click the Save configuration button to export the configuration from the device as an *.xml file.