What is Bonjour?

Bonjour is a technology that allows network services to be detected automatically on IP networks. It is an Apple implementation of the zeroconf system.

Bonjour implements multicast DNS (mDNS), DNS-SD and IPv4LL. Developed by Apple, mDNS and DNS-SD were released for recognition as open standards.

Among other things, iTunes uses the Bonjour technology to automatically find other computers that share their music. Also using the Bonjour technology are the Apple products AirPlay and AirPrint.

How is Bonjour operated on a local network with LANCOM routers up to LCOS 9.24?

Up to LCOS 9.24 all of the devices need to be in the same (V)LAN.

Implementing cross-network communications requires you to use an mDNS proxy. This, however, is not implemented in the current version of LCOS.

Routing is not possible, as this is prohibited for the IPv4 multicast address ( from the local network control block), and IPv6 packets are already assigned a link local source address (ff02::fb).

Starting with LCOS version 10.00, a Bonjour proxy is included in the firmware. The Bonjour proxy allows the Bonjour protocol to operate across layer-2 boundaries. In this way you can implement ZeroConf services even in scenarios that operate with network virtualization (ARF).