For LANCOM Wave 2 access points (LANCOM LN-86x, LANCOM LN-170x) set to operate with PoE IEEE 802.3af, the second radio module switches off after booting. This is because the power supply is too low to be able to operate both radio modules.

We recommend that you operate Wave 2 access points in combination with a PoE switch or an injector that supports PoE as per IEEE 802.3at.

When operating at an IEEE 802.3at PoE switch, the Wave 2 access points may initially only be supplied by PoE as per IEEE 802.3af, because the switch performs a consumption-based LLDP negotiation of the PoE class.

Usually, the PoE switch uses LLDP to adjust the power supply to IEEE 802.3at subsequently. However, the LANCOM Wave 2 access points do not support this LLDP readjustment, so the second radio module stays disabled.
  • This behavior is confirmed by an unequivocal message in the LANCOM access point syslog.
  • Also, the console path /status/hardware-info/power/ contains PSE Type-1 and a power supply of up to 13000mW.
  • In the configuration of the Wave 2 access point, the second radio module is shown as active (or managed), whereas in the console path /status/wlan/interfaces it is shown as disabled

Workaround to fix this behavior:

Please verify that the configuration of the PoE switch or the PoE injector has been set to provide power as per IEEE 802.3at. With PoE switches, this is usually accomplished by disabling LLDP.