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This document describes how to set up an Internet connection with LANCOM 3G/4G routers by using the integrated 3G/4G modem.

The manual configuration of a 3G/4G connection is described in the reference manual. In some cases this configuration methode is necessary, e.g. when the 3G/4G connection has to be configured via the Detail configuration in the LANCOM Management Cloud.


1) Configuring the UMTS/3G or LTE/4G connection:
1.1) Launch the Setup Wizard in LANconfig and select the option Set up Internet access.
1.2) In the following dialog, select the option Mobile interface (internal modem).
1.3) Set the Country where the 3G/4G modem is to be operated.
1.4) Select your Internet service provider from the list that follows.
1.5) Enter a name for the Internet connection and the dial-up number given to you by your provider.
Please only change the default value for the dial-up number if you have received a different value from your provider.
1.6) Enter your PIN for the 3G/4G connection. Should your provider have communicated a different APN, modify the default value to suit.

Depending on the provider's APN, your 3G/4G connection may be assigned a public IP address or a private IP address. Information on this is available from your provider.

1.7) In the following dialog, accept the default value for the short-hold time.
  • A short-hold time setting of 9999 causes the UMTS/3G or LTE/4G connection to remain connected permanently, and a disconnect will be automatically reconnected.
  • A short-hold time setting of 0 causes the UMTS/3G or LTE/4G connection to remain connected permanently, but a disconnect is not automatically reconnected.
  • If you want your 3G/4G connection to be disconnected when inactive, enter an appropriate value for the short-hold time (e.g. 300 seconds).
1.8) In this example no additional ISDN backup is to be used.
1.9) Click on Finish to write the configuration back to the LANCOM router.