With the LANCOM Wireless ePaper system, the LANCOM access point may occasionally end up in a state of "flapping".
In this state, the LANCOM Wireless ePaper management shows that the access point is constantly switching between the "connected" and "not connected" states.

When the LANCOM access point is flapping, check the following to troubleshoot the problem:
  • Is the port used by the LANCOM access point to communicate with the server (port 8080 and higher) free? A description of how to find out which communication ports are currently in use is available below.
  • Can the LANCOM access point be pinged continuously from the server, and vice versa?
  • Is there a firewall positioned between the LANCOM access point and the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server, which may be blocking some of the packets?
If the tests outlined above do not remedy the behavior, please contact the LANCOM Support.

In Windows, how do I find out which communication ports are currently in use?
To investigate whether there is a conflict with the communication ports, proceed as follows to display which communication ports are currently being used:
1) Stop the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server service.
2) Open the Windows command prompt with administrator rights.
3) Enter the following command:
netstat -anbo
4) A list displays the running applications and the ports they are using.
5) Look here for the ports 8001 and 8080.