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The autumn update from Microsoft for Windows 10 to version 1511 is far more than just the collection of some patches or extensions but basically a revamped version of Windows 10. In the course of the update areas of the registry database are rewritten and some for the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client important items will be lost during this process.

To resolve this issue, you must perform an upgrade of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client to version 3.04RU1 or later before the Windows 10 version 1511 update.

Please proceed as follows:

1) Open the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client and go to the menu Help -> Search for updates.

2) Click the button Search now.

3) Launch the Software update wizard by clicking Next.

4) Click Next to start the download of the software update to version 3.04.

5) Click on Finish and the installation routine of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client commences.

6) A message is displayed after a successful update.

7) Make sure that you restart your PC after upgrading the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.

8) Now you can perform the Windows 10 update to version 1511.