This document describes how to set up a VPN connection via UMTS/3G or LTE/4G with the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.

  • LANCOM Advanced VPN Client as of Version 3.x (download latest version)
  • LANCOM VPN router (e.g. LANCOM 1781A)
  • Functional UMTS/3G or LTE/4G connection medium (USB modem or integrated 3G/4G modem)


1) Configure the VPN Client connection on the LANCOM router.
2) Import the VPN Client profile into the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client. To do this, open the menu Configuration → Profiles.
3) Click the button Add/Import.
4) Select the option Profile import.
5) Enter the path to the import file (*.ini).
6) A message is displayed after a successful profile import. Click on Finish to complete the import.
7) Open the settings for the imported profile and, in the Basic settings menu, change the communication medium to GPRS/3G.
8) Go to the GPRS/3G menu and configure the connection to your 3G/4G provider.
If you set the Configuration mode to Provider list, the Provider field presents you with a list of pre-configured profiles. Now all you have to do is to enter the PIN for your SIM card into the SIM PIN field.
If the preconfigured settings are different to those required by your provider, the connection has to be configured manually. Information about the individual parameters is available in the online help of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.
9) Click on the OK button to save your settings. The VPN Client connection via 3G/4G can now be established with a click on the Connection switch.