Some Internet providers disconnect their customers' Internet connections once a day. You can set the time of this so-called forced disconnect yourself by configuring an automatic separation and a direct re-dialup in the configuration of your LANCOM router and using CRON jobs.
    If you have configured the Internet connection using the LANconfig setup wizard, you can specify the time for the daily forced reconnect during the configuration. If you want to change the time, you can proceed as described in step 3 of this article.



As CRON table operations are time dependent it is necessary to synchronize via the router's NTP client.

1. To this end you can configure an NTP server in the router under Configuration -> Date & Time -> Synchronization by setting the option Synchronize to an NTP time server at regular intervals.

2. Click the Timer server button and add one or more time servers to the list.

3. Then make the following entry in the CRON table:

First check what language is set for the telnet- or ssh console. The telnet commands must be adapted accordingly.
    The syntax is "do/o/m/d [remote]"

The entry means that the Internet connection will be disconnected at 02:00 am every day.

You can configure a keepalive for this remote device in order to ensure that the Internet connection is reestablished immediately by setting the short hold time to 9999 in the menu Configuration -> Communication -> Remote sites -> Remote sites (DSL).