This document describes how to align the 4G/LTE antenna LANCOM AirLancer Extender O-360-4G. This procedure also applies for aligning the LANCOM AirLancer Extender I-360-4G antenna.

  • LANCOM cellular routers
  • LANCOM AirLancer Extender O-360-4G
  • Laptop/PC with PuTTY SSH-Client (download)
  • Functional 3G or 4G Internet connection

    Aligning the antenna is best done with two people. One person aligns the antenna and another person monitors the values measured by the software.

1) Attach the LANCOM AirLancer Extender O-360-4G antenna to the LANCOM cellular router and mount the antenna on the bracket. Tighten the screws just enough so that you can still rotate the antenna in the horizontal plane.

Wall mount: Pole mount:

2) Start an SSH session on the LANCOM cellular router and login with administrator user rights.

3) In order to measure the signal quality at 10 second intervals, you need to enter the following command:

rep 10 sendserial –s “at+csq”

4) Move the antenna on the mount in small increments only.

5) Each time you change the position, wait about 20-30 seconds to see whether the signal quality has improved or deteriorated.

An improvement in signal quality is shown by an increase in the displayed value. The following screenshot shows an improvement of signal quality from 17.99 to 22.99.

6) Once you have found the position that provides the best signal quality, tighten the screws of the mounting bracket to fix the antenna in position.

Wall mount: Pole mount: