This document describes how you can enable or disable individual IKEv1 VPN connections in the configuration of a LANCOM router, either manually or time-controlled.



1) Open the configuration of the LANCOM router in LANconfig and navigate to the menu VPN -> IKE/IPSec -> Connection list.

2) Select the desired VPN connection here.

3) To Disable the VPN connection you set Rule creation to the value Off.

4) Confirm your entries with OK and write the configuration back to the LANCOM router. After writing back the entries, the VPN connection will disconnect.
    To enable the VPN connection again, set the Rule creation value to Manual or Automatic .

Time-controlled enabling or disabling of a VPN connection:

1) In LANconfig, open the configuration dialog for the LANCOM router and navigate to the menu item Date & Time -> General -> Cron table.

2) Add a new entry.

3) Use the fields Minutes, Hours, Weekdays, Days, Months to enter the desired time values.

4) In order to disable a VPN connection, enter the following syntax into the field Commands:

    set /Setup/VPN/VPN-Peers/<Name of VPN connection> {Rule-Creation} off

5. Now save the cron entry with the OK button.
    In order to enable the VPN connection again, you must create another cron entry. Use the following syntax to enable the connection:

    set /Setup/VPN/VPN-Peers/<Name of VPN connection> {Rule-Creation} manually


    set /Setup/VPN/VPN-Peers/<Name of VPN connection> {Rule-Creation} auto