You wish to accept incoming telephone calls with a Windows application via LANcapi.

  • A LANCOM router with the latest firmware and the current LANcapi.

The latest firmware for your router and LANcapi can be downloaded here at no charge Download.


Two items must be configured to receive telephone calls on the LANcapi.


Configure the number which the CAPI should react to.

Do this by switching to the advanced properties for the CAPI/Fax Modem Control Panel -> Phone and Modem -> Modems -> Properties -> Advanced.

With the AT command

AT#S=n where n = required MSN

the CAPI/Fax Modem is assigned an MSN which it will react to.

The AT command

AT#N=n with n = required MSN

assigns the calling-party number, i.e. the number with which the CAPI/Fax Modem identifies itself.

On the LANCOM:

The MSN of the CAPI under Windows must also be available to the LANCAPI interface:

Start the program LANconfig Configuration -> LANCAPI -> General -> LANCAPI interfaces -> ISDN/S0 bus.