Since LCOS FX firmware version 10.9 it is possible to send debug data of your LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall to LANCOM Support for analysis. The debug data contains all configuration settings as well as log files.

  • The generated file is encrypted with an upload password and stored on a server in our company that is accessible to LANCOM support.
  • The submitted data will be automatically deleted 30 days after the support request is closed.


  • LANCOM R&S® Unified Firewall with Firmware as of version 10.9
  • Web browser for configuring the Unified Firewall.

    The following browsers are supported:
    • Google Chrome
    • Chromium
    • Mozilla Firefox


1. ) If not already available, open a support request at LANCOM Support so that you receive a ticket number.

2a. Enter a detailed description informing the LANCOM Support about your problem and tell us that you would like to send us debug data from your Unified Firewall.


2b. As part of the support request, LANCOM Support will inform you that debug data from your Unified Firewall is required for analysis.

3. Open the dialog for sending the debug data via Help → Send Debug Data.

4. You will receive the following information in the support request, which you must enter in this dialog:

  • The ticket number of your support request. Enter the digits into the field after the LCSUP-.
  • A 32-character upload password.

The data is encrypted with the upload password to ensure secure data transmission.

5. You need to enter the console password only in a high availability scenario to get the debug data of the slave device.

6. Click the Send Debug Data button.

7. A successful transmission of debug data is indicated with an information.

8. Please inform LANCOM Support in the support request that you have uploaded debug data.