This document describes how to schedule the enabling or disabling of WLAN on LCOS access points and WLAN routers.


In order for the scheduling to function properly, it is important for the devices to be set with the current date & time.

The procedure described below only works for standalone LANCOM access points and WLAN routers that operate with LCOS.

Find out about how to configure time frames for enabling and disabling individual SSIDs in this article.


By disabling a WLAN module in the LANCOM access point or WLAN router, you completely switch off its WLAN capability. All SSIDs configured on the WLAN module cease to be available.

1. In LANconfig, open the configuration dialog for the access point or WLAN router and navigate to the menu item Configuration -> Date & Time -> General -> Cron table.

2. Then click Add.

3. For this example, the WLAN module should be switched off daily at 22:00h (Note: 24-hour clock!). To do this, enter the values for Hours and Minutes into the appropriate fields.

4 In the Commands field you enter the following syntax to disable the WLAN module:

set /setup/interface/wlan/operational/wlan-1 no

If your access point has two WLAN modules, you address the second WLAN module by replacing wlan-1 with the value wlan-2.

5. Click on the OK button to accept your settings.

6. To switch the WLAN module back on again every morning at 07:00, for example, you need to create another cron entry with the following syntax:

set /setup/interface/wlan/operational/wlan-1 yes