To enable permanent management access to the switch, it is practical to use a dedicated port, designated as Out-of-Band Management (OOB). This is especially useful for network outages. For this purpose LANCOM GS-45xx switches feature a Service Port.

This article describes how to configure the Service Port on a GS-45xx series switch.

The configuration menu Service Port IPv4 is also available on XS series switches, however there is no physical Service Port. Instead the devices can be accessed via the assigned IP address from all ports.



1) Connect to the switch via the webinterface and go to the menu System → Connectivity → Service Port IPv4.

2) Modify the following parameters and click Submit:

  • Service Port Configuration Protocol: Select the option None, so that a static IP address can be entered.
  • IP Address: Enter the desired IP address for the Service Port (in this example 
  • Subnet Mask: Enter the subnet mask of the associated network (in this example 
  • Default Gateway: Enter the default gateway of the associated network (in this example 

As an alternative you can also leave the parameter Service Port Configuration Protocol on the default setting DHCP, if there is a DHCP server present in the network. However, in this case it makes sense to always assign the same IP address via the DHCP server.

The IP network configured in the menu System → Connectivity → Service Port IPv4 cannot be used for routing purposes. 

3) With the configuration complete, click on Save Configuration in the top right-hand corner to save the configuration as the start configuration.

The start configuration is retained even if the device is restarted or there is a power failure.