In the LANCOM Cloud-managed Hotspot, generated vouchers can be exported to a *.csv file, among other things. This gives you the option of creating individually designed vouchers for your users, e.g. in Microsoft Word, into which the required hotspot access data is imported from a *.csv data file. This document explains the procedure.



1. Export the generated vouchers in the LMC hotspot portal to a *.csv file.

2. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.

3. Switch to the Mailings tab and then select Labels under Start mail merge.

4. In the next dialog, click the New Label button.

5. In this example, 16 vouchers are to be printed per page, so define the dimensions as shown in the following figure.

6. Select the created label template and then open the Select Recipient → Use an Existing List menu.

7. Select the exported *.csv file.

8. Make sure that the correct character encoding is selected.

9. You can now modify the voucher in the upper left corner with text and additional data.

In this example:

  • A welcome text is added.
  • With the additional merge field "Network" the network name (SSID) of the hotspot,
  • with the additional merge field "Voucher" the respective password or Voucher ID of the hotspot access,

 are printed on the vouchers. You can also add a graphic to the voucher.

10. Click on the "Update" button to apply or display the changes for all other vouchers.

11. Then click on the Finish and Merge → Print Documents button.

12. You can now either send the vouchers directly to a printer or print them as a PDF document file.