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Necessary number of fiber strands and cable recommendation for LANCOM Multimode SFP modules:

LANCOM SFP moduleModule typeSinglemode / MultimodeMax. transfer rateMax. rangeConnector typeNecessary strand numberRecommended cable typeNotes
LANCOM SFP-SX-LC11000Base-SXMultimode1 Gbit/Sec.550 mLC2 strandsas of OM1
LANCOM SFP-SX2-LC11000Base-SXMultimode1 Gbit/Sec.2000 mLC2 strandsas of OM22 km only possible with mode conditioning cable, otherwise max. 1 km.
LANCOM SFP-LX-LC11000Base-LXSinglemode1 Gbit/Sec.10 km LC2 strandsOS1 / OS2 depending on the scenario 
LANCOM FP-BiDi1550-SC11000Base-BXSinglemode1 Gbit/Sec20 kmSC/UPC1 strandOS1 / OS2 depending on the scenario Bidirectional module with 1310 and 1550 nm wavelength.
LANCOM SFP-SX-LC1010GBase-SR/SWMultimode10 Gbit/Sec.300 mLC2 strandsas of OM3
LANCOM SFP-LX-LC1010GBase-LR/LWSinglemode10 Gbit/Sec.10 kmLC2 strandsOS1 / OS2 depending on the scenario
LANCOM SFP-LR40-LC1010GBase-ERSinglemode10 Gbit/Sec.40 kmLC2 strandsOS2 
LANCOM SFP-SR-LC2525GBase-SR/SWMultimode25 Gbit/Sec.300 mLC2 strandsOM5
LANCOM SFP-LR-LC2525GBase-LR/LWSinglemode25 Gbit/Sec.10 kmLC2 strandsOS1 / OS2 depending on the scenario
LANCOM SFP-SR-MPO4040GBase-SR/SWMultimode40 Gbit/Sec.300 mMPO8 strandsOM5The middle 8 of 12 fiber strands are used. It is also possible to use a cable with 12 or 16 fiber strands. In this case the remaining 4 or 8 fiber strands would lie idle.
LANCOM SFP-LR-LC4040GBase-LR/LWSinglemode40 Gbit/Sec.10 kmLC2 strandsOS1 / OS2 depending on the scenario


  • SFP: Small Formfactor Pluggable, supports 1 GBit/Sec. 
  • SFP+: Extended version of SFP, supports 10 GBit/Sec.
  • SFP28: Extended version of SFP+, supports 25 GBit/Sec.
  • QSFP+: Quad Small Formfactor Pluggable, supports 40 GBit/Sec. (4 x SFP+)
  • SR: Short Reach Modul, usually ranges of a few hundred meters (e.g. 10GBase-SR)
  • LR: Long Reach Modul, ranges of a few kilometers (e.g. 10GBase-LR)
  • ER: Extended Reach Modul, ranges up to 40 kilometers (e.g. 10GBase-ER)
  • OM: Optical Multimode
  • OS: Optical Singlemode