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To analyse the network communication it is often necessary to record network traffic at a switch port. This can be implemented via a port mirroring on managed switches. By In doing this so the network traffic is mirrored from one or multiple switch ports to another switch port where a network participant records the traffic for later analysis.

This article describes how to configure port mirroring on an XS series switch.



The negotiated data rate of the destination port has to be at least equivalent to the negotiated data rate of the source port(s). Otherwise not all network traffic can be recorded which highly complicates the analysis or even renders it impossible. This is definitely to be considered when using multiple source ports. 


  • Source port 1 GBit and destination port 1 GBit works
  • Source port 10 GBit and destination port 1 GBit does not work
  • Source ports three times 1 GBit and destination port 10 Gbit works
  • Source ports three times 10 GBit and destination port 10 GBit does not work

4) Click  Click Configure Source to change to the menu Source Configuration.


8) With the configuration complete, click on Save Configuration in the top right-hand corner to save the configuration as the start configuration.


The start configuration is retained even if the device is restarted or there is a power failure.


9) Acknowledge the save process by clicking OK.


Wird der Port-Mirror nicht mehr benötigt, muss dieser deaktiviert werden:

Markieren Sie die Quelle (Source) und entfernen diese über die Schaltfläche

If the port mirror isn't needed anymore it has to be deactivated:

  • Select the Source and delete it by clicking Remove Source.
  • Klicken Sie auf Click Configure Session und wählen bei Mode die Option Disable aus.Speichern Sie zuletzt die Konfiguration über die Schaltfläche Save Configuration wieder als Start-Konfiguration and for Mode select the option Disable.
  • Finally save the configuration as start configuration by clicking Save Configuration.