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  • The local network features a web server (HTTPS) operating on port 443 with an IPv6 interface identifier 20c:29ff:fe12:e519 as derived from the MAC address.With the prefix 2001:db8::/64, the server then forms the address 2001:db8::20c:29ff:fe12:e519.
  • Since IPv6 does not use NAT, devices receive an IPv6 address that is globally unique. All that needs to be configured is firewall access.
  • The corresponding IPv6 firewall entry replaces the IPv4 port forwarding entry.


1) In LANconfig, open the configuration dialog for the LANCOM router and switch to the menu item Firewall/QoS → IPv6 Rules → Station objects.


6) Then configure the device as described in the article Assigning IPv6 addresses via DHCPv6 server on the local network.