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The certificate module was updated in LCOS FX 10.7, therefore the corresponding menus differ compared to older LCOS FX versions. The configuration of a certificate-based IKEv2 connection between a LANCOM router and a Unified Firewall as of LCOS FX 10.7 is described in the following article:

Setting up a certificate-based IKEv2 VPN connection (site-to-site) between a LANCOM router and a LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall (as of LCOS FX 10.7)


2.13) This concludes the configuration steps on the Unified Firewall.

3) Export the VPN certificate for the LANCOM router at the branch office:


4) Configuration steps on the LANCOM router:

4.1) Upload the router certificate to the LANCOM router:


4.1.5) Click on Open to start the upload.

4.2) Configure the certificate-based VPN connection on the LANCOM router: