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This document describes how to back up VPN profile settings and certificates in the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.

  • LANCOM Advanced VPN Client as of version 2.3x
  • Windows as of Windows 7

1) Backing up the profile settings:

1.1) Open you the menu Configuration -> Profile settings backup -> Create.

1.2) Confirm the subsequent message with Yes.

The backed-up profile settings are stored to the file NCPPHONE.SAV in the installation directory of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client. To restore the profile settings, select the menu item Configuration -> Profile settings backup-> Restore.

As of VPN Client version 5.x, the NCPPHONE.SAV fileis saved in the C:\Program Data\LANCOM\Advanced VPN Client\data directory. This folder is only displayed if the view setting "Hidden elements" is active.

2) Backing up the certificates:

Certificate backups are done with the Windows 7 Certificate Manager. An Export Wizard is available.