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If your LAN or WAN connection cannot transfer any data even though the configuration of the equipment appears to be correct, there may be a fault in the cabling. The cable test allows you to test the cabling on a LANCOM router.


1) Connect to the router via WEBconfig and go to the menu (Extras → ) LCOS Menu Tree → Status → Ethernet-Ports → Cable-Test.
2) In the Arguments field, enter the name of the interface you want to test (e.g. ETH-1, DSL-1) and start the cable test for the specified interface by clicking on the Execute button.
3) Go to the menu (Extras →) LCOS Menu Tree → Status → Ethernet-Ports → Cable-Test-Results.
Possible results:
  • MDIx-Status OK: The cable is properly connected and the line is working.
  • MDIx-Status open with MDIx-Distance 0m: No cable is plugged in or there is a break within a distance of less than 10 meters.
  • MDIx-Status open with indication of an MDIx-Distance (e.g. 5 m): The cable is plugged in, but there is a defect at the specified distance.
  • Impedance error: The cable pair at the other end is connected with the wrong impedance.

MDI0 to MDI3 represent the four cable pairs. MDI0 represents the first cable pair and MDI3 the fourth cable pair.