As of LCOS 10.12 RU2, LANCOM routers with a dedicated WAN Ethernet port and in their ex-factory settings are capable of establishing a DHCPoE connection and contacting the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC).

  • LANCOM router with a dedicated WAN Ethernet port with its ex-factory settings and LCOS as of version 10.12 (download latest version). The following devices have a WAN Ethernet port:
  • LANCOM 1631E
  • LANCOM 1780EW-4G
  • LANCOM 1780EW-4G+
  • LANCOM 1781EF+
  • LANCOM 1900EF
  • LANCOM 1781EW+
  • Access to the LANCOM Management Cloud


A LANCOM router with a dedicated WAN Ethernet port, ex-factory settings, and LCOS version 10.12 RU2 or later is equipped with a default configuration featuring the following adjustments:

1) The menu Communication -> Remote sites -> Remote sites (DSL) features a pre-configured DHCPoE Internet connection:

2) The menu IP Router -> Routing -> IPv4 routing table features a default route ready for use by the DHCP Internet connection:

    These settings are part of the default (i.e. ex-factory) configuration. Existing configurations that are updated to an LCOS version 10.12 RU2 or later stay unchanged.
If a LANCOM router with a WAN Ethernet port and in its factory settings is connected to an upstream router via the WAN Ethernet port, the DHCPoE connection is established automatically. This is how contact is made to the LMC.

“Cloud-ready” devices that are logged in to the LMC by means of their serial number and PIN are capable of zero-touch provisioning—the configuration can be carried out completely via the LANCOM Management Cloud.

    If you run the Internet Access Wizard on devices with their factory settings , the default Internet connection described here will be overwritten by the wizard.