On PCs running the Windows 10 operating system with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607) installed, re-installing the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client fails if the Secure Boot function is enabled in the BIOS of the PC.

Updating Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update has no effect on the function of a VPN client that was already installed.

The reason that re-installation fails is that Windows in the combination mentioned above now absolutely requires a driver to have a Microsoft SHA-256 signature. Previously, it was sufficient for a driver to be signed by the manufacturer with SHA-1.

  • For Windows 10 systems with the Anniversary Update installed, a new version of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client with an appropriate driver signature will be available soon. However, this version may only be installed on Windows 10 systems (irrespective of Secure Boot).

    This version of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client is identical to the current version 3.10 and fixes no errors that may occur after installing the VPN client.

    Please contact the LANCOM Support. The support staff will let you know, where you can download the installation files.

You can check whether the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is installed on your PC by entering the Windows Settings menu System -> About. If the Anniversary Update is installed, the Windows version number is displayed as 1607.