Updated firmware is available for the WWAN module, offering improvements to the cellular modem (WWAN-MC7710) integrated into the LANCOM 178x-4G series of routers. This document describes how to conduct this firmware update.

If you are not experiencing any problems with the cellular modem integrated into your device, there is no need to perform this firmware update.

  • LANtools as of version 8.84 (download latest version)
  • WWAN module firmware update V3.5.24-Rel (download)
  • LANCOM 4G routers of the type LANCOM 1780EW-4G, LANCOM 1781-4 G or LANCOM 1781A-4G

Release Notes:


How to show current firmware version of the WWAN module:

1. Open a Telnet or SSH session on your LANCOM Router.
2. Enter the following at the command prompt:

> ls /Status/Modem-Mobile/

Operating                   INFO:    WWAN
Modem-Info                  INFO:    Sierra Wireless, Incorporated MC7710 SWI9200X_03.05.24.00ap r5792 carmd-en-10527 2013/05/02 13:35:47
Connect-Info                INFO:    CONNECT
State                       INFO:    Data-mode
Data-Rate                   INFO:    115200
Max.-Downstream-Rate[Kb/s]  INFO:    0
The red marked value contains the firmware version of the WWAN module currently in use.


Please ensure that the power supply cannot be interrupted during the firmware update. Also ensure to update the firmware from the local network.

1) Start LANconfig and right-click on the entry for the device in the list.

2) Select the option Firmware management → Upload new firmware.
3) Choose the required firmware file and click on OK.
4) The device restarts after updating the firmware.
5) A successful upload is reported by a message in the log area.