If you wish to operate the LANCOM router at an Internet connection with an upstream satellite modem (e.g. for skyDSL), please observe the following instructions.

1) The Internet connection is configured in the LANCOM router as an IPoE connection. Instructions for the configuration can be found in the following Knowledge Base article Dokumentlinksymbol.

2) If your satellite provider requests the MAC address of the LANCOM router (contact your satellite provider for further information), it may occur that the upstream satellite modem has a fixed value stored for this and that an Internet connection cannot be established.

In this case, it helps to modify the entry for the Internet connection in the configuration of the LANCOM router as follows:
  • In LANconfig, open the configuration dialog for the LANCOM router and switch to the menu item Communication -> Remote sites (DSL).
  • Open the entry for Internet connection and set the parameter MAC address type to the value Global.
  • Write the modified configuration back to the LANCOM router.
  • Then start the upstream satellite modem once again.