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As the counterpart to the automatic backup of device configurations, you can restore configuration backups with a single click. This document explains how to use Quick Rollback.

  • Quick Rollback is not available for switches.
  • LANconfig assigns the configuration backup to the device by using the serial number stored in the meta data of the backup. As of LCOS 8.84 the serial number is automatically written to the backup; for older configuration backups without the serial number, you need to add these manually in order for Quick Rollback to recognize the files. Also read Advanced meta data for configuration files.



1) In the device view, right-click on the device and select the option Quick Rollback.

2) LANconfig lists all of the device configurations that have been saved under the path for the automatic device-configuration backups.

If LANconfig cannot find a backup file for the selected device, it cancels this action with a warning message.

3) Highlight the configuration backup that you want to restore, and then click the Restore button to start the rollback process.


    You also have the option to add comments to the configuration backups, or edit existing comments:
    • The Edit description button () enables you to edit the field below it containing the comment text.
    • Click on Save description () to write the text in the comment box back to the backup file.