This document describes how to perform a firmware update via the Windows command line for LANCOM access points that are operated with LCOS LX (e.g. LANCOM LX-640x).



1. Download the LCOS LX firmware from the LANCOM website and save it in a folder on your Windows PC (e.g. C:\Users\<Username>\Desktop\LX-Firmware).

2. Open the Windows command line and change to the folder where you saved the LCOS LX firmware file.

If necessary, you can save the current configuration of the access point before updating the firmware with the command "scp root@<IP address of the access point>:config c:\<location on your PC>".

3. Type the following command:

scp <Name of firmware file> root@<IP address ofAccess Point>:firmware (e.g. scp LC-LX-6402-5.34.0058.upx root@

4. After you have pressed Enter, a prompt for an SSH hash value is displayed. Confirm this by entering yes.

5. Then enter the main device password of the LCOS LX access point and confirm with Enter.

6. The status of the upload process is displayed and if the process has been completed successfully, the prompt reappears.

7. The access point now restarts once. The firmware update is then complete.