This document describes which information has to be gathered in order for the LANCOM support to be able to determine the cause for this behaviour.

This article describes how to troubleshoot DSL-Sync problems as well as problems which occur during the dial-in phase and also problems with the termination of the DSL connection.



1) Connect to the router via the LANtracer and import the appended trace configuration into the trace module.

Depending on the router model a different trace configuration may have to be used.

1781A and derivatives:


178xVA and derivatives, 179xVA and derivatives, 88x VoIP and 730VA:


1906VA and derivatives:


The procedure to create a trace with a prefabricated trace configuration is described in this Knowledge Base article.

2) Start the trace with a click on the button with the green arrow and record the error state.

The dial-in attempt or the termination of the xDSL connection has to be included in the trace output!

3) Stop the trace with a click on the button with the stop sign and save it with a click on the button with the floppy disk symbol.