Unlike previous firmware versions, using a cellular connection as a backup with LCOS version 10.30 Rel and later requires the remote site and the mobile profile to have the same name. Otherwise, no cellular connection will be established. LANCOM Systems also recommends that the layer name should be the same too.
This article describes the steps that need to be taken to establish the cellular backup connection again.

When setting up the cellular connection with the Set up Internet access setup wizard, the remote site and the mobile profile are automatically given the same name. No manual configuration changes are required.

  • LCOS as of version 10.30 Rel (download latest version)
  • LANtools as of version 10.30 Rel (download latest version)
  • LANCOM cellular router
  • A configured and functional Internet connection (primary connection)
  • A cellular connection already configured as backup

1) Open the configuration for the router in LANconfig and switch to the menu item Interfaces → WAN → Mobile profiles.
2) Edit the mobile profile and give it an appropriate Name.

The same name must also be assigned to the remote site for the cellular connection, so be sure to use as descriptive a name as possible.

3) Switch to the menu Interfaces → WAN → Interface settings → V.24/Mobile (Mobile).
4) From the drop-down menu, select the mobile profile created in step 2.
5) Switch to the menu Communication → General → Communication layers.
6) Set the Layer name to the name you specified in step 2.
7) Switch to the menu Communication → Remote sites → Remote sites (mobile/serial).
8) Edit the remote site of the cellular backup and adjust the following parameters:
  • Name: Enter the name set in step 2.
  • Layer name: From the drop-down menu, select the communication layer modified in step 6.
9) Navigate to the menu Communication → Call Management → Backup table.
10) Set the Backup list to the Remote site that you modified in step 8.
11) This concludes the configuration steps. Write the configuration back to the router.